Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 EZ Crimp Connectors


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Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 EZ Crimp Connectors:

Do you need to cut out certain measured customizable portions out of a 1000ft or simply a large cable bulk? Well, for the purpose, let us introduce to your our crimp connectors that are particularly useful handy when you are supposed to cut desired lengths out of a bulk cable and then terminate them. It is used to terminate the wire ends of a length of cable so that a reliable connection can take place. Cutting out the desired portion of a cable’s length, and then terminate the portion with high-quality crimp connectors is a smart and a convenient method.

At New York Cables, we carry a wide array of cable-related accessories along with regular high-performance cables. These particular Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45EZ crimp connectors are high-quality crimp connectors, available at the most market-competitive price out there so that you get the best returns for your bucks. These connectors are sold in a pack that contains 100 pieces.

This particular sort of a crimp connector consists of 6P 8P modular connector which is used to terminate and connect category 5 enhanced (Cat5e) and category 6 (Cat6) cables. These Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 crimp connectors are perfectly appropriate to handle performance up to 350 Mbps.  Each connector consists of an 8P8C modular connector used to terminate and connect Ethernet cables. They have manufactured keeping in due regard to the market standards and minimum requirements maintained by the Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association. Furthermore, Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45EZ Crimp Connectors are UL listed and RoHS compliant.

In addition to the aforesaid, our Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45EZ Crimp Connectors feature convenient and easy-to-grasp retention chips, which means that they are sturdy to work with. They consist of 8 gold plated pins to provide you with high-quality reliable connections. The crimp connectors have easy to grasp retention chips, which makes the handling of these connectors quite convenient. The design of these connectors is intended to reduce cross-talk to a minimum acceptable level as the twists are maintained until the point of termination. Cross talks can simply be understood as a nuisance. It a phenomenon that usually occurs when a signal from one cable confuses and overlaps with a signal from another cable that is running nearby. It really interferes with the quality of your transmissions and communications through the introduction of noises. Moreover, it can also be a due transfer of electrical energy between the conductors. All this can disturb your transmissions and as a result, your transmissions will experience high loss of data packets. These crimp connectors are highly recommended to keep cross-talk to a minimum acceptable level.

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Dimensions3 × 3 × 4 in
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100 pcs

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Cat5e & Cat6 Rj45 EZ Crimp Connectors