Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds

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    • Projector Wall Mount
    • Max Load Capacity 22 lbs
    • Up To 30 Degree Tilt
    • 360 Degree Rotation
    • Made from High-Quality Aluminum
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    Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds

    Projectors are an essential part of any organization and educational institutes. This specific device has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There are various projectors available in the market these days. The primary use of projectors are presentations. There should be a right angle to get the most out of a projector. For this specific purpose, we are offering a high-quality aluminum short-throw projector wall mount. If you have this mount holder, you can say goodbye to the tedious process of setting up the projector again and again.

    They make this wall mount of aluminum, which gives it strength and makes it lightweight at the same time. We design this arm in such a way that it provides you with the precise angle of projection. You can tilt the wall mount at a 30 degrees angle, with -15 to +15. It also rotates at 360 degrees. The arm of the wall mount is also adjustable. You can adjust it from 19.9 inches to 24.4 inches.

    This wall mount is perfect for short-throw projectors, which essentially use for short-throw of pictures and videos. It can hold up to 10kg or 22 pounds with its arm. At Newyork cables, we offer premium quality cables and accessories at affordable prices.

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    Aluminum Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Holds 22 Pounds