Cat5e Plenum 1000ft Ethernet UTP Cable

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1000ft cat5e CMP cable up to 350MHz with solid conductors cable is perfect for any networking application where plenum rated network cable is a necessity. Bulk cat5e plenum cable is low smoke and non-toxic because of its CMP (Communication Plenum) rated jacket and solid conductor pairing. Cat5 ethernet cable is twisted pair cable and comes in a variety of options that will enhance your network and ethernet installation. This cat5e cable is constructed with 24 gauge copper wire, to support a broad variety of ethernet applications. Because we use a high-quality copper wire, our cables easily endure the power required for Power over Ethernet applications, whereas the lower quality may be subject to unsatisfactory power delivery, equipment damage, and fire.


Quick Description:

1000Ft Cat5e plenum cable is flexible enough to be installed, for example, in large plenum spaces, Cat5e is reliable for buildings of offices, colleges, and universities. 1000ft Bulk cat5e ethernet is a 1000ft roll of unshielded UTP cable with tested features checked up to 10 megabits to 100 megabits. Ethernet networking connections are tested up to 350MHz bandwidth ability and secondly it is very suitable for best use in perfectly longer cable runs. Bulk cat5e cables are typically run behind walls to create a wired whole home network. In a typical inhabited environment, an in-wall rated cable will serve. However, commercial installations of cabling will have more requirements.


Standard Features: 

 Flame Retardant:

CMP (Communication Plenum) rated cat5e ethernet cables contain a flame-retardant jacket produce no smoke.


It is purely a 4-pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable.



Cat 5e plenum has 8-solid copper conductors which have 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductors for smooth conductivity.



1000ft Cat5e ethernet networking cable specially designs for hardware endpoints on LAN (Local Area Network), Telephone connection and runs in air plenums spaces, includes raised flooring systems, air handling duct, etc.


DT Rate:

1000feet Cat 5e tested to 350 MHz. It can use this for high-speed ethernet applications.



Our Cat5e cable EIA/TIA verified and RoHS compliant.



Available in white.


Box Type:

Pull Box.

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CableCat5e CMP 0.50±0.01mm
Wire Gauge24 AWG
ConductorCM 0.50±0.01mm – 4 Twisted Pairs
Frequency350 MHz
Jacket & ShieldingCMP Jacket – Unshielded
Pairs4 Twisted Pairs
Installation Temp5°C to 75°C
Standard CompliancesISO/IES ROHS Compliant
Spline Separating4 pairs
ColorBlue, White, Yellow, Green, and Red
Length & Package1000 Feet 305Meter – EZ Pull Box

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