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ST to ST Duplex 62.5/125 Multimode OM1 Fiber Optic Cable

The definition of fiber optic is a cable that has numerous optical fibers packed together. Light passes through this cable carrying digital data signal instead of electrical signals. Since light passes through this, the signal can travel at a longer distance.

There are many sorts of fiber optics categorized on the bases of their connectors. This cable is an OM1 ST to ST multimode fiber optic cable. Its both ends have the same ST connectors. A connector is a device used to terminate the cable for attachment purposes. ST stands for “Straight Tip” connector. It has a 2.5mm ferrule with a plastic cap or metal body.

There are many applications for this cable. You can use this cable in the telephone industry, networking, internet, television, and mechanical inspection. This is a larger diameter of the core because it is a multimode cable. The core is the center of a cable. There is another layer around the core called cladding. 62.5/125 micron is a core to cladding diameter.

The ST-ST fiber cable is perfect for 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 33 meters. This cable is also good for 100-megabit applications. You can use this cable in the building to cut down the cost. We at NewYork Cables carry a variety of optical fiber cables. You can get this cable at a market competitive price with free shipping.

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