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Single-mode 9/125 OS2 (SC to ST)

Single-mode FO cable has a specific design that sends the direct signals down the fiber. It has a single strand of pure fiberglass. It can signal a longer distance as compared to the multi-mode.

SC to ST is a single-mode OS2 cable. Every fiber cable has connectors at each end for termination. SC to ST patch cord has two different connectors. ST connector or Standard Connector is a simple low-cost connector. It uses a ferrule of size 2.5mm. The other connector is a Straight Tip or ST connector. It also has a 2.5mm ferrule.

ST to SC fiber cable carries the higher bandwidth. It requires a light source with a narrow width. The basic difference between single-mode and multi-mode is the core to cladding diameter. The most central part of the cable is called the core. There is another layer around it known as the Cladding. In single-mode, the core to cladding diameter is 8.5-10 microns. We design OS2 fiber optic cable for larger transmission distances between 5,000 to 10,000 meters with a similar transmission speed of 1 to 10 gigabit Ethernet.

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