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Multimode 50/125 OM2 (SC to ST)

OM2 SC to ST is a multimode fiber optic cable with two different connectors at each end. Optical fiber cables give you high speed to longer distances. Its throughput rate is much higher as compared to the electrical cables.

A fiber optic has many optical fibers bundled together. A beam of light passes through them carrying digital data signals. This cable has two different connectors at both ends. The definition of a connector would be a hardware piece that terminates the end of fiber optic for the attachment. SC stands for “Standard Connector”. It has a 2.5mm ferrule.

ST connector which is also called “Straight Tip” Connector also has a 2.5mm ferrule with round plastic or metal body. Since this is an SC to ST fiber cable, that means the diameter of the core is bigger as compared to the other cables. The center of the cable is called “the core”. Around the core, there is a layer known as the cladding. Both core and cladding are made of pure glass. In multimode OM2, the core to cladding diameter is 50/125 micron.

The SC-ST fiber cable is perfect for 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 82 meters. This cable is also good for 100-megabit applications. You can use this cable in the building to cut down the cost. We at Newyork Cables carry a variety of optical fiber cables. You can get this cable at a market competitive price with free shipping.

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