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Single-mode 9/125 OS2 (SC to SC)

A single-mode SC to SC 9/125 cable has a single glass fiber strand to transmit a single ray of light. It is a common type of fiber cable. If you want to transmit signals to a longer distance, then the single-mode cable would a viable option for you.

SC to SC is an OS2 fiber cable. It has the same connectors at both ends. SC stands for “Standard Connector.” The SC has a 2.5mm ferrule.

The basic difference between single-mode and multimode fiber cable is the core to cladding diameter. The centermost part of the fiber cable is called the core. There is another layer around it which is called the cladding.

In a single-mode optical cable, the core to cladding diameter is 9 microns. SC to SC optic patch cord can carry higher bandwidth to a longer distance. If you try to connect single-mode to multi-mode, it’ll result in 20-dB data loss which is 99% of the total power.

So, what’s the big deal in that?

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