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Fiber SC/SC Duplex 62.5/125 Multimode Cables

Optical fiber is a cable comprising one or more thin flexible fibers. It has a glass core through which we can send light signals with minor loss of strength.

There are two types of fiber optics; single-mode and multimode. This is an SC to SC multimode cable. This cable has SC connectors at both ends of the cables. SC connector has a ferrule of size 2.5mm. SC to SC patch cable can support 100-megabit applications.

The internal structure of an optical fiber is a bit intricate. Its center is called the core. There is another layer around the core called cladding. This protective layer keeps the light inside the cable. Fiber optic works under a technique called total internal reflection. We make the core and the surrounding cladding of totally pure glass. The outermost covering is called the jacket of the cable.


Since this is a multimode cable that means its core has a large diameter. The large diameter lets the more light to pass through the cable which means more light reflection and more data delivery. This cable is ideal for short-distance applications. 62.5/125 micron is core to cladding diameter.

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