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LC/SC Duplex 62.5/125 Multimode FO Cable

A (FOC) fiber cable is a type of cable that has various fiber optics bundled together. These optical fibers have a protective layer around them. Fiber optic cables transfer data at a much higher rate as compared to the copper cables.

Fiber OM1 Multimode LC to SC cable has two different kinds of connectors at each end. At one end it has an LC connector and the other end has SC fiber connector. The size of the SC connector is 2.5mm ferrule and the size of the LC connector is 1.5mm ferrule. LC to SC fiber optic cable is ideal for 100-megabit applications.

Optical fiber cables have a complex internal structure. The center is called the core. It is surrounded by an optical material which is called cladding. Since light passes through the fiber optic, it uses total internal reflection phenomenon. Cladding keeps the light inside the cable.


This is a multimode LC to SC fiber wire which means it has a bigger core size. It is an OM1 cable meaning it has a core size of 62.5 microns or micrometers. It has a PVC material jacket. It has a 10 Gigabit Ethernet speed. Multimode cable is cost-effective and it is ideal to use inside of a building. We at Newyork Cables offer a wide range of good quality fiber optic cables at a market competitive price

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