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Single-mode 9/125 OS2 (LC to LC)

The single-mode optical fiber cable is a common type of fiber optic cable. If you want to transmit the data to a longer distance then a single-mode would be a perfect choice for you. It has a single glass fiber strand used to transmit a single ray of light.

This is an LC to LC fiber cable. It is one of two types of fiber cable. The other one is a multimode cable. Single-mode can carry a higher bandwidth as compared to the multimode. But the light source has to be narrow. It offers a higher transmission rate to a longer distance. Since it is LC to LC patch cable, it has the same connectors at both ends of the cable. LC stands for “Lucent Connector”. It has a 1.25mm ferrule.

Single-mode fiber cables are expensive as compared to the multimode. It has a smaller core size. The core is the centermost part of the cable. The layer around the core is called the Cladding. In single-mode, the core to cladding size is 9 microns. The smaller core lets only one ray to pass through that is why there is very little distortion and the signal can travel to a longer distance. It would not be a wise decision to mix and match these two cables. if you do that, it could result in a 20-dB loss. It is 99% of the total power.

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